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Analysis Of BDO And Governance Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Analysis Of BDO And Governance. Answer: Introduction The report helps in analysis of the organizational structure of BDO GOVERNANCE Company in which the external and internal environmental forces has to be analysed in an effective manner. Proper analysis of the risks has to be done as this will help in describing the different business decisions as to enhance the organizational performance. The essential functions within the business organization will help in assisting the organization to achieve the strategy in an effective manner. The main aim and purpose of the report is to understand the different kind of organizational structure with the help of external and internal analysis in an effectual manner. Proper impact will be analysed in an effectual manner as this will help in analysing the risks in an effectual manner. The structure of the report is to include the structure of organization, external and internal environmental analysis along with impact of the risks that will affect the business. The different business practices as this will help in understanding the importance of the important functions. Organizational Structure BDO GOVERNANCE was founded by M. L. Seidman in the year 1910. The respective company tried to provide their customers with exceptional kind of services provided to the clients. The company has tried to expand their services and tried to reach the different geographic locations as well. The entrepreneurial spirit of BDO GOVERNANCE helps in continuing their growth in an effective manner (Wheelen et al., 2017). External and internal environmental forces Proper internal analysis is required to be done by BDO GOVERNANCE as this will help them in understanding the threats from the other competitors in the market. The SWOT analysis will help the company in understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well. Strengths It has huge global presence in the entire world It helps in providing wide range of services to the customers It has large base of clients in the entire country It is one of the largest tax and accounting firms in the world as well Weaknesses The company is too big in nature to budge The brand image and advertising campaigns are not strong in nature as well Opportunities It has tried to further expand their business along with growth of the business There is inclusion of different kind of compliance kind of services There is increased demand for the different solutions for expert Threats The global company is volatile in nature The growth and expansion of the competitors has increased to a huge extent and this has created huge issues for BDO GOVERNANCE as well Porters Five Forces Model Analysis Competitive Rivalry with BDO GOVERNANCE is where the degree of the competitiveness is high and it has created limitations of aggressiveness of the different firms as well (Moutinho Vargas-Sanchez, 2018). Bargaining power of Customers of BDO GOVERNANCE is the force in which the high number of customers has weak kind of contribution towards the bargaining power of buyers of BDO GOVERNANCE as well (Steinbach et al., 2017). Bargaining power of Suppliers of BDO GOVERNANCE is wherein the supply chain of the respective company is under the bargaining power of the suppliers and this is affecting the information technology business (Baranenko et al., 2014). Threat of substitutes of BDO GOVERNANCE where this threatens the respective company in terms of the revenue reduction. The moderate kind of cost of the changing is creating huge barrier against the customers of BDO GOVERNANCE as well Threat of new entrants of BDO GOVERNANCE is reducing the competitive advantage of the respective company. There is strong force on the high limitation of potentiality along with high cost of the entry of the different kind of issues as well (Slack, 2015). Impact of environmental forces on BDO GOVERNANCE There is huge impact of environmental forces on BDO GOVERNANCE in which it has been seen that the different kind of competitors of BDO GOVERNANCE has created moderate kind of differences and this has created huge issues for the company as well. it has been seen that there are different kind of environmental competition and threats such as global competition in the market along with different kind of growth related issues as well (Ginter, 2018). However, despite such kind of challenges faced by the respective company the different external kind of factors, the success rate of BDO GOVERNANCE has increased as they tried to increase their global presence all over the world as well and it has helped them in boosting their performance as well (Hill, Jones Schilling, 2014). Risks faced by BDO GOVERNANCE There are different kind of risks faced by BDO GOVERNANCE wherein it was seen that it faced financial and reputational risks at a certain stage. The company faced financial issues where it included the non-payment by the customers and this caused huge loss for the company. However, the company dealt with the problem by introducing higher interest charges on the loan and it solved the problem effectively (Barney, 2014). Furthermore, the other risk faced by BDO GOVERNANCE was the reputational risk where the company was indulged in a fraud activity in which the employee was involved in the book keeping fraudulent activities that has affected their goodwill in a negative manner. However, the company tried to overcome such issues with the help of proper implementation of innovative technologies. Business practices of BDO GOVERNANCE The respective company BDO GOVERNANCE has indulged into setting benchmarks for their company that will be attainable by them. The proper employee engagement is essential in nature as this will help the company in resolving the issues by providing motivation to the employees effectively. There has to be different kind of monetary and non-monetary rewards that will help the employees in handling the grievances. Essential Functions of BDO GOVERNANCE The marketing and financial activities has to be analysed effectively by BDO GOVERNANCE where they need to improve their functions with implementation of the planning and organizing the activities effectively. The human resource activities have to be performed effectively in which the company included the managing the legal issues effectively and recruiting the right candidates as well. Conclusion Therefore, it can be concluded that the organizational structure of BDO GOVERNANCE was a company and it tried to perform different functions in an effective manner. There are different kind of external and internal analysis where it included the different kind of training and development programs of the employees as well. References Baranenko, S., Dudin, M., Lyasnikov, N., Busygin, K. (2014). Use of environmental approach to innovation-oriented development of industrial enterprises. Barney, J. B. (2014).Gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. Pearson higher ed. Ginter, P. M. (2018).The strategic management of health care organizations. John Wiley Sons. Hill, C. W., Jones, G. R., Schilling, M. A. (2014).Strategic management: theory: an integrated approach. Cengage Learning. Moutinho, L., Vargas-Sanchez, A. (Eds.). (2018).Strategic Management in Tourism, CABI Tourism Texts. Cabi. Slack, N. (2015).Operations strategy. John Wiley Sons, Ltd. Steinbach, A. L., Holcomb, T. R., Holmes, R. M., Devers, C. E., Cannella, A. A. (2017). Top management team incentive heterogeneity, strategic investment behavior, and performance: A contingency theory of incentive alignment.Strategic Management Journal,38(8), 1701-1720. Wheelen, T. L., Hunger, J. D., Hoffman, A. N., Bamford, C. E. (2017).Strategic management and business policy. pearson.

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