Sunday, November 24, 2019

At First Sight essays

At First Sight essays Based on a true story At First Sight reveals the triumphs and tribulations of falling in love with a blind person. Amy (Mira Sorvino) is a hard working, New York architect who is desperately in need of a relaxing vacation. While on vacation she meets and falls in love with Virgil Adamson (Val Kilmer), a seductive massage therapist. After being swept away with his massage, she discovers he is blind. Although Virgil is content with being blind, Amy convinces him to under go experimental eye surgery. Following the surgery Virgil is able to see for the first time since he was three. However, they discover it reveals a much larger challenge, sight association. Virgil is confronted with the fact that even though he can physically see, he does not realize what he is seeing without feeling it first. While dealing with this challenge they discover that his sight is temporary and he will eventually be totally blind again. At First Sight starts out as a love story, but ends up being more about Virgils challenges. Even though I enjoyed this movie very much, I would have enjoyed it more had they focused on either the love story or his challenges. If you dont know most of the medical terms they use you will be easily confused. Val Kilmer is very convincing in his role of a blind man. He makes you feel very grateful for what we take for granted every day. If you have a soft heart, like I do, for "glamorized" movies then you will surely enjoy this movie. ...

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